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Otis is an esteemed member of the Potbelly Pig Merchants Association
Our Lord's Prayer in Cherokee

suitable for framing.

suitable for framing, full color, approx. 18 x 20" This chart shows which plants produce which colorful dyes.
Navajo Dye Chart

Spinning Card Rack 12V 5x7
Excellent white wire spinning card rack, tabletop model, 12 vertical 5x7 inch pockets, with a tiny 7 inch "footprint" (saves table space). Well-made, easy to transport (cards and all) in its own perfectly fitting box. The ideal card display for merchants, art & craft fair vendors, Farmers Market displays, etc.

I've done A LOT of shopping around for these, and never before found anything this good for this price!

Wild Bird Towel Set, Vintage Unused
Wonderful find: a vintage set of linen towels featuring colorful wild birds. This will fit your mountain cabin or country decor. Unopened packages.
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Blue Floral Tea Cosy, New
Very pretty and functional tea cosy to keep your teapot warm on the table. New. Conservation in everyday life!
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Heart Shaped Crocheted Doilies

Set of heart-shaped doilies, white.
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*We Pay Postage to Continental U.S.!