Otis is a potbelly pig.

We got Otis about 5 years ago, when he was just under a year old. He was still fairly small, so we kept him in the house. He had a little bed under the kitchen table.

Otis grew to be around 100 lbs., and a somewhat cantankerous presence in the house. So, we made him a bachelor pad in the back yard.
We regularly put bales of alfalfa in Otis' pen. He carries alot of it into his house, and makes himself a cozy bed with it. Then, over the following few days, he eats most of it!
All potbelly pig manuals say "provide them with plenty of water!" We've tried a number of sizes and styles of water-dishes, but Otis always tips them over as soon as they are filled.
Otis enjoys wild greens, and eats all we give him. He also helps himself whenever he can reach any from his pen.
We saw some pigs at the recent Los Angeles County Fair.  
There was a baby potbelly
in the petting zoo...
...and several potbellies in the pig races...
          OH NO!
Otis is quite popular with our guests, and with students that attend School of Self-Reliance classes.
He politely ignores any rude "When's the barbecue"- joke from the occasional uncouth visitor.


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