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Trail Tools
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Otis is an esteemed member of the Potbelly Pig Merchants Association
Bow and Drill
We'll assemble a primitive bow and drill so you can practice fire-making in the Old Ways. Instructions included
Hand Drill
You'll receive one drill and one basepiece of ideal woods. This is one of the most difficult primitive methods of fire-making, made a bit easier by careful selection of the wood.
Pump Drill
Like those used by American Indians for drilling holes in shells, these are simple pump drills, with a metal bit, and an approximate 4-inch flywheel.
The bullroarer is a traditional aboriginal device for ceremonial use -- a flat piece of shaped wood on a cord which, when spun, makes a droning sound. We make ours from cedar or willow. Instructions included.
Walking Sticks
Hand made from alder, willow eucalyptus, ash, or other woods, these "Friends" can accompany you on the trail or the sidewalk.
Timberline Water Filter
This is a light-weight, easy to use pump filter for purifying your water while backpacking, or in the aftermath of an earthquake or other disaster. <
Water Filtration Bottle
This is the Pres2Pure water filtration system that removes organic and inorganic materials from the water. simply fill the quart container and squeeze out the water. Good for over 200 gallons of drinking water, or 1500 refills. An excellent investment for home tap water, or for carrying on the trail.
Iodine Crystals
This is the best chemical method for water-purification. Instructions are included. Aside from boiling, this is THE way to purify your water if contaminated, such as post-earthquake water might be.
Flint and Steel Set
Set comes packed in a tin with tinder, steel, flint, and instructions.
Magnesium Firestarter
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*We Pay Postage to Continental U.S.!