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Clothing and Accessories
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Otis is an esteemed member of the Potbelly Pig Merchants Association
Moccasin Pattern
This is a pattern for a Plains Indian moccasin. You'll need some leather and rawhide to make these very comfortable moccasins. Pattern is adjustable to men's sizes 7 through 12, and women's sizes 5 through 10.
Drop Sleeve Shirt Pattern
This cloth shirt was standard apparel in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Made of calico, muslin, linen, or wool. Easy to make, roomy, comfortable. Can be decorated with ribbons to make a "ribbon shirt" to wear to pow-wows. Though generally a man's shirt, can certainly be made into a women's shirt, as pattern is adjustable from small through XXL sizes.
Early Frontiersman Shirt Pattern
This is a pattern for the leather shirt worn by trappers and Indians in the early 19th century. Pattern is adjustable from small to XXL.
Plains Indian Cloth Dress Pattern
Using this pattern, you can create the calico Plains Indian cloth dress, the classic "ribbon dress," and the traditional trade cloth dress. Pattern is adjustable from sizes 8 through 20.
Capote Pattern
As featured in American Survival Guide. Capotes are traditional blanket robes made from trade blankets by the Plains Indians. They are ideal survival garments. We sell the patterns so you can make your own from a blanket of your choice. Patterns are adjustable for men and women of varying sizes.
Cedar Beads of Navajo Legend
These unique necklaces were made by southern California artist Jan Gordon. An old Navajo legend says that wearing cedar beads will chase off evil spirits and keep nightmares away. Green juniper berries are also said to have been chewed by the Navajo when traveling at night to ward off ghost spirits of dead people. Small necklaces or bracelets were put on children, and hung on cradleboards of infants for protection and so that the young might grow in harmony. Also known as ghost beads.

We have about 10 of these left and probably cannot get more. Generally, they are multi-colored. Please allow us to pick one for you.

*We Pay Postage to Continental U.S.!