Survive What?

Gregory Lawrence wrote us:
" about a 'worldview'? How would you answer the innumerable would-be survivalists that think of a weekend adventure -- well, maybe two weeks at most -- in the woods as their idea of what to prepare for...?"

We've used the term "survival" to describe what we are attempting to incorporate into our lives and also to share with others. By the use of this term, we are suggesting that there is something from which we are trying to protect ourselves, so that we may live in health, in safety, abiding with "higher" principles.

The paradigm of survival is many-faceted, and we have used such adjectives as "wilderness," "political," "economic," "physical," "urban," "spiritual," etc. in an attempt to define our actions and ideals. We've come to understand that it is our spiritual ignorance and errors from which flow all of our other problems. The solution -- easy in words but difficult in practice -- is to do the mental work to identify Spiritual Principles, and to then learn to live in accord therewith.

As we understand it, a Spiritual Principle is akin to a mathematical formula. 2+2=4, 6-4=2, etc. That is, on one level, the Spiritual Principle operates like any other "scientific principle," whether it's gravity, or getting burned if you touch a flame, etc. No value judgement is involved -- it is just what is. Let's choose Do unto others as you would have them do unto you and hold it in mind as we consider "survival issues."

Survival means different things to different folks. Anything to-do-with survival is most often win-lose competition focused, narrow in scope, limited to physical and / or mental development, and for the purposes of eluding "group Karma." So the term "survival" has become a borderline bad word.

Learning primitive skills is becoming popular nation-wide, and we think the desire to learn these basics is good. Still, primitive skills are but one aspect of wilderness survival, or physical survival. They can be crucial in certain situations, but there is much more to the overall picture of (dare we say Real )survival.

Studying any one aspect of "survival" can take a lifetime. There are folks who are black belts in economic survival. Unfortunately, when one is focused on just one aspect of survival, one sometimes gets into trouble. Look at the many stock brokers and investors who have done prison time. They knew the game and they got greedy. Money was their god. They simply weren't aware of the "higher" aspects of survival, the level of Spiritual Principle.

(Do unto others as you would have them do unto you)

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Survive What?

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